Black solider fly larvae

The Project

Fluker Farms and LSU Entomology have partnered to further research on the black soldier fly. The project will look deeper into the potential of using black solider fly larvae as a source of sustainable proteins. The soldier fly is harvested in the larval stage where they can consist of over 40% protein. Their nutritional profile makes the fly larvae a great source of nutrients to aquaculture and animal feeds.

Meet the Team

The team is full of questions, ideas, and life experiences. While we each come from different background; we all have the same passion. Insects!


Devon Brits

LSU Entomology

PhD candidate at Louisiana State University, Devon has spent the last 6 years working with black solider flies

David Fluker headshot

David Fluker

Fluker Farms

Second generation insect farmer and President of Fluker Farms

Vance Noland

Fluker Farms

Fluker’s project lead on the Black Solider Fly Project. Vance holds a degree in Finance from Louisiana State University

Learn More About the Project

Visit the Soldier Fly Blog to follow our progress and to learn more about our project. We will be posting our findings and thoughts as we navigate…

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