Sustainable Insect Production

Soldier Fly Technologies upcycles local agriculture and food industry co-products into sustainable, high-quality insect ingredients for animal feed, pet nutrition, and organic fertilizer. 

The Challenge

How do we sustainably feed a soaring global population without further depleting our natural resources?


Food Security

To meet the demands of a soaring global population in coming decades, food production will have to increase up to 70%. Insect farming offers a sustainable solution for quality animal feed and crop fertilizer to help secure the future of food.


Food Waste

One-third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted. Our insect bioconversion technology uses this waste as a resource stream to create quality ingredients that return nutrients back to the food system with minimal impact on the environment.

Black soldier flies to the rescue!

Insects are a natural, nutritious, and sustainable solution to a broken food system.


Commercial insect farming gives us the opportunity to combat the global food deficit while turning waste into a valuable resource.

Black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) can grow on a wide range of residual organic streams, making them ideal candidates to upcycle organic waste streams into biomass that can be re-used in the food system.

Our breeding and bioconversion technology optimizes the natural life cycle of the BSF to create high-value ingredients for animal and plant nutrition. 

Products & Markets

Our products provide clean, sustainable solutions to many large ecological and agricultural challenges.

A natural food for many animals, insects have a nutritional profile suitable for inclusion in the diets of a variety of fish, poultry, and other farmed livestock.

Our technology optimizes the black soldier fly’s natural bioconversion process to create high-value ingredients for animal and plant nutrition. 


Consulting Services

Soldier Fly Technologies is dedicated to advancing the growth of the insect agriculture industry through innovation and collaboration.

Our expert team offers custom consulting services and technology licensing opportunities to both US and non-US clients interested in large-scale black soldier fly production and sustainable organic waste management.

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