The future of insect farming is now.


Sustainable Insect Production

Through our innovative farming network, Soldier Fly Technologies upcycles local agriculture and food waste streams into high-quality insect ingredients for animal feed, pet nutrition, and organic fertilizer. Together with our partners and customers, we aim to create a closed-loop system that is both economically and environmentally sustainable.


A New Cycle of Waste

One-third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted. Our insect bioconversion technology uses this waste as a resource stream to create quality ingredients that return nutrients back to the food system with minimal impact on the environment.

The Future of Feed

To meet the demands of a soaring global population in coming decades, food production will have to increase up to 70%. Insect farming offers a sustainable solution for quality animal feed and crop fertilizer to help secure the future of food.


Naturally Sustainable

Insect farming has many positive impacts on the environment. Our zero-waste production process diverts organic waste from landfills, reduces strain on our oceans, and uses less water and land than traditional protein sources like soy and fishmeal.


The modern food system is broken.

How do we sustainably feed a soaring global population without further depleting our natural resources?


Food Security

By 2050, the global population could reach 10 billion people. To feed them all, food production will have to increase up to 70%.

Providing a growing global population with protein requires new and innovative approaches as existing sources are resource-intensive and harmful to the environment.

Food Waste

Meanwhile, 40% of food produced in the United States is lost or wasted resulting in significant negative economic and environmental impacts.

Food waste, the single largest component in landfills, is responsible for causing 10% of global methane emissions and costs us about $161 billion annually.


Black soldier fly to the rescue!

Insects are a natural, nutritious, and sustainable solution to a broken food system. Commercial insect farming gives us the opportunity to combat the global food deficit while turning waste into a valuable resource.

Black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) can grow on a wide range of residual organic streams, making them ideal candidates to upcycle organic waste streams into biomass that can be re-used in the food system. 

Our breeding and bioconversion technology optimizes the natural life cycle of the BSF to create high-value ingredients for animal and plant nutrition. Our products provide clean, sustainable solutions to many large ecological and agricultural challenges.

Products & Markets

Insects are a natural food source for many animals. Our bioconversion technology optimizes the natural life cycle of insects to produce nutritious protein and oils for use in animal feed and pet food as well as high-quality fertilizer for use in organic farming.

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