Maggots, the future of food: New Washington Post article features Soldier Fly Technologies

Reporter Chris Ingraham features Soldier Fly Technologies in his recent article for the Washington Post.

The black soldier fly’s remarkable ability to transform nearly any kind of organic waste into protein could revolutionize global food supplies.

Chris Ingraham, Washington Post

Our favorite “insect” reporter Chris Ingraham (recall his hilarious account of the great live cricket escape at his home in January 2019), has once again featured Fluker Farms in an article for the Washington Post.

This time, Ingraham spotlights our own Soldier Fly Technologies, our BSF production friends in College Station, and other key players to introduce and explain the seemingly-magical waste-to-feed upcycling powers of the black soldier fly in his July 3rd article, “Maggots: A taste of food’s future.

Ingraham has obviously done his homework, as his is one of the best mainstream articles we’ve seen that accurately explains the science behind these super soldiers and the potential impact of the emerging insect technology we are so excited to be on the forefront of.

Read the full article to learn more about the role high-tech insect farming and black soldier fly research is playing in the quest for a more sustatainable future of food.