WAFB features soldier fly production project with LSU

Can flies be the answer to food waste problems at LSU? WAFB news looks into our soldier fly project.

Soldier Fly Technologies is in the news again! Thank you, WAFB, for covering our project. We are excited to be implementing this zero-waste solution to help divert food waste on LSU’s campus.

Local news reporter Rick Portier recently produced a segment on our Black Soldier Fly Project with LSU for WAFB 9 News.

The news clip, featuring Sarah Temple, LSU’s Assistant Director of Campus Sustainability, as well as our own Devon Brits and David Fluker, gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at our new fly colony in action.

“Think college students, only hungrier,” explains Portier as he compares the black soldier fly larvae’s voracious appetite to that of an LSU defensive lineman.

And it’s a good analogy. The hungry grubs consume mass amounts of organic waste in a matter of days, while metabolizing it into valuable protein and fats that can be processed into animal feed and plant fertilizer.

When their work is done, the grown grubs go through an innovative drying process at Fluker Farms then are used directly in their feed product line. There is zero waste.

Portier’s break-down of the completely sustainable process is spot-on. We eat food; BSF larvae get the leftovers; livestock eat the grubs. Then the process starts all over again.

Together with LSU Entomology and our army super soldiers, we are creating a new cycle of waste.

Stay tuned for more; we’ve only just taken flight!

Click here to read the WAFB story

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