Taking Flight – Launch of the Black Soldier Fly Project… No this has nothing to do with Paratroopers, but it may have something to do with saving people. But more about saving people from hunger throughout the world! is a site dedicated to the growth of knowledge and education of one special little fly that could help save our world: Black Soldier Fly or BSF as they are more commonly known.

This website will look to help you understand why they are important for things like world hunger, climate change, food waste and overfishing!

So why bookmark our page for info? Here’s some reasons why:

Adult solider fly on leaf
An adult black soldier fly sitting on a leaf.

1. Learning how to rear BSF
2. How nutritious they are
3. How to make your BSF more efficient at feeding and making babies (the hard part!)
4. Staying up to date on research in BSF worldwide
5. Learning about policies involved in selling and using BSF for livestock and even humans!

We are happy and encourage discussion on all insects used for feeds and foods and will try incorporate them into what we discuss in these blogs.

The most important thing to know about is that we are all about sharing information and growing how many people know (hopefully soon LOVE) what Black Soldier Fly can do for the world!

Feel free to comment and share your experiences on any of our posts and converse with us and others who are passionate about BSF.

They really can change industry but also can change our own backyards, chicken coops and pet foods.

So, if I still have your attention, check out our other blogs and let’s grow (larvae) together and harness the potential of some amazing insects!

4 thoughts on “ Taking Flight – Launch of the Black Soldier Fly Project

  1. Todd Hyman

    Can I please come by your project to see what your BSF project is all about. Me and my kids are into BSF. Here is also our phone number337- 254-4884 we live in Lafayette.

    • Vance Noland

      Hi Todd,

      I sent an email directly to you but wanted to answer you here also. We are extremely early in the project and do not have a whole lot to look at just yet. Give us a few months to establish our colony and we would love to have you guys out here.

      Vance Noland

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  3. Usama Al Syasna

    Hi Dear,
    we are Rahma Relief Foundation – Jordan Office – Non- profit Foundation
    Can I please get more information about your black soldier fly to see what your BSF project is all about?
    can you help and support us to start producing BSF Larvae in Jordan to help local farmer?

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