SFT Network

Our distributed insect production model connects local agriculture and food supply chains through a technology-driven network of sustainability.


We generate quality insect-based products for animal and plant nutrition using underutilized local waste streams to create more sustainable regional supply chains and community jobs


We utilize state-of-the-art process automation in combination with proprietary machine-learning software to maximize efficiency and ensure quality and safety across our network.


Our robust commercial model allows us to scale production volume and customize processing technologies according to local resource streams and specific customer needs.


Spreading the Love

We designed our distributed “hub and spoke” model to have sustainable economic and environmental impact, connecting local agricultural and food supply chains through a scalable, technology-driven network. Our strategically located central breeding facility serves as a hub for geographically distributed production centers, allowing us to offer customized solutions with local impact while maintaining efficiency, consistency, and quality.


Breeding and hatching are the most crucial and technical aspects of insect production. To improve efficiency and ensure consistency, we selectively position centralized breeding hubs that maintain the complete life cycle of our BSF colonies. These breeding facilities continuously supply eggs to local upcycle/production centers and conduct ongoing research and development to benefit the entire network.


Our food-safety ready factory design is highly scalable and designed for turn-key operation by local partners. Upcycle Centers are located in close proximity to waste steam concentrations to reduce collection and transport costs for a lower carbon footprint. Network partners are able to leverage SFT breeding technology, production SOPs, and ongoing R&D for success and impact at the local level.

Join Our Network

Sustainability requires collaboration. We believe in the power of partnerships to foster innovation and tackle challenges across the supply chain. Interested in learning more? We'd love to hear from you.