Licensing and Consulting

We offer custom consulting services and technology licensing opportunities to both US and non-US clients interested in large-scale black soldier fly production and sustainable waste management solutions.

Technology Licensing

Minimum investment for maximum return

Soldier Fly Technologies offers low-cost licensing options that give you the opportunity to implement our proven end-to-end technology into your commercial BSF production without having to invest the time and money necessary to develop it from scratch.

Licensing clients receive access to our proprietary technology for black soldier fly breeding, production, and processing scaled to your requirements including:

  • Selective breeding techniques and SOPs for optimized egg production/colony maintenance
  • SOPs for optimal rearing, harvesting, and processing
  • Feed formulations and SOPs for feedstock preparation/storage
  • Access to on-going R&D and production improvements
Turnkey Facility Plans

For industrial and commercial-scale black soldier fly production

We offer licensing partners business model and engineering solutions for large-scale indoor facilities suitable for any climate including:

  • Custom business modeling with projected CAPEX/OPEX
  • Factory design and engineering plan
  • Process flows
  • Support for permit requests and certifications
  • Access to preferred suppliers
  • HACCP criteria
  • HVAC and room design
  • On-site training and installation support
Expert Support

Ongoing support to ensure growth and success

Our licensing program includes dedicated support from our team of experts to ensure a smooth facility start up and that your production metrics are met.

  • Ongoing technical support and consultation from our production, sales, and engineering teams
  • Training, video calls, facility visits, regular updates, troubleshooting
  • Access to ongoing R&D and technical improvements to ensure long-term success

Let's collaborate

Interested in learning more about our consulting or licensing services? Please let us know how we can help. We would love to start a conversation.