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Our insect-based ingredients are used to create quality products for animal and plant nutrition.

Protect the planet. Feed the future.

In the race to feed a crowded world with dwindling resources, insect farming offers a sustainable solution to help meet the demand for quality animal feed and crop fertilizer to help secure the future of food.

A natural food for many animals, insects have a nutritional profile suitable for inclusion in the diets of a variety of fish, poultry and other farmed livestock.

Insect production has a positive impact on the environments compared to resource-intensive alternatives like soy and fishmeal. Our zero-waste processes diverts organic waste from landfills, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and uses less water and land than traditional protein sources.

SFT optimizes the natural process of insect bioconversion to create high-value ingredients for animal and plant nutrition. Our products provide clean, sustainable solutions to many large ecological and agricultural challenges.

Core Products


Whole Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae

All-natural protein source for animal feed.  High in calcium, fiber, and essential amino acids. Quality nutrient source for poultry, fish, pets, exotics, and swine.



Premium Protein Feed Ingredient

High-quality insect protein meal sustainably produced from all-natural dried BSF larvae. Contains essential amino acids for use in agricultural feed preparations for fish, swine, and poultry.



Organic Fertilizer Soil Amendment

Organic fertilizer made from BSF frass and residual organic matter. High in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for use as a agriculture soil amendment.



Organic Lipid Feed Ingredient

All-natural oil extracted from dried BSFL. High in lauric acid and easily digestible for use in feed and pet food preparations. Also suitable for applications in industry, pharma, and cosmetics.

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