Expanding food waste collection on LSU Campus

Our food waste collection at LSU now includes the University Lab School cafeteria as well as several sorority dining rooms.

A new cycle of waste

Soldier Fly Technologies upcycles local agriculture and food waste streams into high-quality insect ingredients for animal feed, pet nutrition, and organic fertilizer.

As we start to develop our distributed production network, we are moving full-steam ahead with our Baton Rouge-based processing facility.

We have recently expanded our collection of pre-consumer food waste on LSU campus to include the University Lab School cafeteria as well as several sorority dining rooms.

Feed it to the flies!

Every year, an estimated 130 billion pounds of food are discarded in the United States, amounting to about $160 billion in lost monetary value.  This amount includes 22 million pounds from U.S. colleges, according to estimates by the Food Recovery Network.

More and more universities and other large institutions are committed to finding sustainable solutions for reducing and diverting the food waste they generate, and LSU is no exception.

In fact, Soldier Fly Technologies was born out of a joint research project with LSU Entomology to study the potential of black soldier fly production as both an organic waste management solution and a sustainable source of alternative protein.

In 2019, we began collecting waste from campus dining halls for our pilot research facility. With the continued support of LSU Campus Sustainability, we are excited to expand our reach while helping them achieve their Strategic Plan goal to divert 75 percent of all campus waste from the landfill by 2030.

Got waste?

We are expanding quickly and partnering with waste generators across local supply chains to help achieve “zero organic waste” goals as part of their overall sustainability investments.

If you’re interested in partnering with us to fight food waste and feed the planet, we’d love to hear from you.

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